Going through low motivation, losing hope, self-doubt, and what not being an artist?  This is something not new for an emerging artist but every artist goes through this phase which has to be dealt with patience, improvement, research, and hard work. 

“Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.” – Thomas Merton

Research and track what other “successful” emerging artists are doing right. They could be selling for less, going out of their comfort zone, marketing differently, working together with other sources such as Marketing agencies, Art Galleries, and Art Dealers. A lot of filtration and selection goes through Art Galleries and Art Dealers. The only way to be that “one artist” is to focus on creating original artwork only, that is no inspirational or influencers replica, PLEASE.

Nevertheless, its digital era, take the charge, market through Facebook and Instagram paid advertisements.

Market free on Saatchi, Pinterest, Pixels, Facebook Page, Facebook Art Groups, Instagram, Fitoor, and many more Art Websites. You have to level up your research game and step out of your comfort zone.

If you believe in yourself and you’re ready then these are the best Art Dealers for emerging artists:

Deals in all kinds of Art and has gained huge artists registration within a few months only through the Instagram account. He has helped 35+ artists since the launch of his digital Art Gallery in November 2020.

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Deals in modern and contemporary art. Known to be the best and finest at her work. A blogger and an art dealer. She works digitally through Instagram having a vast range of artists globally.

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Online Art Gallery dealing in modern and contemporary art.

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An online and physical gallery working with renowned and emerging global artists. They have a collection of 2000+ paintings and have held 55+ exhibitions of mixed artists. Aims to promote emerging artists globally.

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