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It all began in school when I used to be more interested in visuals and drawings. As I grew up, I concocted each day as a new opportunity to contemplate on life goals differently and creatively. I initiated painting 9 years ago, mastered it through practice and observation (artists painting on YouTube). Grew up with a dream to become a successful artist. During high school, I realized, art is my forte. It is a part of me that dwells in my thinking, approach, strategy & planning. We only need to ‘think’ out of the box to make a difference.

Since then, I’ve worked every day to become better than yesterday, from challenging myself to recreating masterpieces by Vincent Gogh, Pablo Picasso, Salvador Dali, Iqbal Mehdi, Ross B. Young, and many more. Luckily, I have managed to create and successfully display my own original artworks.

It’s a dream that I am living through Arts, which fills me with delight and contentment.

It’s been 8+ years having a strong connection with Arts. My go-to medium is Acrylics.

Getting Outside Is Good For The Soul.
Through My Artwork, I Try To Bring The Outside In. 
I Decontextualize. Then, I Reconstruct.

Looking Past The Obvious,
Close Observation & Engagement Of The Subject Is My Process Of Creation.
I Follow The Heart, Where Ever It Leads Me In Terms Of My Style & Subject Which Keeps On Evolving.

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